I read somewhere that the body is an overheated factory. This thought then went into my ceramic sculptures. As the hollow pieces they are, which keeps them from bursting inside the kiln, their surface plays the part of the skin. The clay is built around the paper armatures I make for the pieces, which I then remove, leaving the space inside them empty. But most of the time I just work with air: the material is wrapped around the bubble that gets trapped inside and is only let out through a tiny incision before they are fired. The space inside the sculptures is always present, particularly through its invisibility. In some of my pieces I cut open a section to expose the hollow area, as I’m particularly interested in the relation that exists between holes and voids: the latter is sometimes the structure around which I build the rest of the form, whereas the former is there to let us take a peep inside. As self-representation is a central part of my artistic research, many of my pieces are somehow conceived as body parts. And what hides within them is restless, very much like the overheated system under our skin that keeps us breathing.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2019, Eel Soup, Viasaterna Gallery, Milan (double solo show with Federico Clavarino)

  • 2018, Eel Soup, Pinguin, Bruxelles (double solo show with Federico Clavarino)


Group Exhibitions

  • 2020-2021, Gradi di Vuoto, Viasaterna Gallery, Milan

  • 2020, Artissima Unplugged with Viasaterna Gallery, Turin

  • 2019, Auto Fiction, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

  • 2019, Kiraathane at Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul

  • 2019, Grand Prix, Fotofestiwal Lódz 



  • 2020-21, Studio Orlando, Milan

  • 2020, The Clay Garden, London

  • 2019, Member, Turning Earth, London

  • 2016-2019, Ceramic design, glazing and firing, Lisbon



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